Service Times

9:30 AM  - Holy Eucharist
9:30 AM  - Childrens Sunday School & Child Care

Our Location

Mountain Bible Church Fellowship Hall

630 Maple St.

Tehachapi, CA 93561

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Our church offers a lot of ways to Praise the Lord. Find a group that fits you

  • Sunday School
  • Youth Group
  • Daughters of the Holy Cross
  • Mens Group
  • Bible Study

Resources and Links

What to Read in Time of Need

When in sorrow: Read John 14

When people fail you: Read Psalm 27

When you have sinned: Read Psalm 51

When you worry: Read Matthew 6:19-34

When you are in danger: Read Psalm 91

If you have the blues: Read Psalm 34

When God seems far away: Read Psalm 139

If you are discouraged: Read Isaiah 40

If you are lonely or fearful: Read Psalm 23

If you feel down and out: Read Romans 8:39

When you want courage for your task: Read Joshua 1

When the world seems bigger than God: Read Psalm 90

When leaving home for labor or travel: Read Matthew 11:25-30

If you get bitter or critical: Read 1st Corinthians 13

If thinking of investments and returns: Read Mark 10:17-31

For a great invitation- a great opportunity: Read Isaiah 55

For Daily Bible Verses:

Our Daily Bread:

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Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin website:

Tehachapi Christian Store website:

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