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St. Jude's in the Mountains Anglican Church

The Parish of St. Jude’s in the Mountains Anglican Church, having been organized as expressly authorized by the Constitution and Canons of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin to provide a community for Christian worship and education in conformity with the historic Anglican Faith and Order; to further encourage religious benevolent activities; and to do any and all things necessary, incidental or proper to carry into effect and to regulate the affairs of the Parish.

Article I
All prior Bylaws are repealed in their entirety.

Article II


Membership in this Parish shall consist of all baptized persons in good standing, whose names shall be enrolled in the register of the Parish through baptism, confirmation, transfer or reception in conformity with the Canons of the Diocese of San Joaquin.

Article III


St. Jude’s in the Mountains Anglican Church is an unincorporated association, affiliated with the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin. As an Unincorporated Parish, all real and capital property of the Parish belongs to the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin, and its disposition is subject to the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese and the Province of the Anglican Church of North America. The business and property of the Parish shall be exercised, conducted and controlled by a Vestry, which shall consist of the Rector and a committee of at least five (5) lay members, including the Wardens. To constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, there must be a majority of members present which shall include the Rector and at least one of the Wardens. In the absence of the Rector, one more than a majority of members shall be present and which shall include the Senior Warden. In the event of a tie vote, the Rector shall make the tie-breaker vote.

A. The powers and duties of the Vestry are:

1. To aid and support the Rector in all efforts for the spiritual and physical welfare and growth of the Parish.

2. To appoint and remove at pleasure any employees of the Parish except the Rector and members of the Vestry; prescribe such duties for them as may be consistent with the law, the Bylaws, and the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of San Joaquin; and fix their compensation

3. To conduct, manage and control the affairs and business of the Parish; and to make such regulations thereof as may be consistent with state and federal law and the Bylaws, as they may deem necessary.

4. This Parish may not borrow money and incur indebtedness for the purposes of the Parish or cause to be delivered therefore, promissory notes and other evidences of debt, except as may be authorized by the Canons of the Diocese of San Joaquin.

5. To prepare a budget of proposed expenditures for the coming year so as to not exceed the expected income of the Parish and other unrestricted funds of the Parish. To approve expenditures of funds for operating expenses, building funds, religious activities, etc. All expenditures exceeding $300.00 and all non- budgetary expenditures must be approved by the Vestry.

6. To review the Audit and address any recommendations resulting there from, in compliance with Diocesan procedures.

7. Generally to transact all the temporal affairs of the Parish and to serve as a council of advice to the Rector.

8. Each year, establish Rector’s annual compensation and perform a mutual Clergy/Vestry performance review.

Article IV


A. The officers of the Parish shall consist of the Rector, who shall preside over meetings of the Vestry; two (2) wardens, who shall be known as the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden; the Clerk; and a Treasurer. The office of the Wardens shall be held by members of the Vestry. The term, Vestry, as used in these Bylaws, refers to the Rector, Wardens, and elected members.

B. The Vestry shall consist of not less than five (5) members, exclusive of the Rector who shall be member ex-officio and presiding officer. Lay members shall be confirmed communicants in good standing whose names have been on the Treasurer’s books as contributors of record for at least three (3) months prior to their election. The term of office shall be three years, and terms shall be on a rotation basis such that each year, at the Annual Meeting, at least one new Vestry member must be elected. No member of the Vestry may succeed himself or herself in office until one full year has lapsed following a full term in office.

C. Generally, no more than one member of a household should be a Vestry member at the same time. However, up to two members are permitted if circumstances warrant and the Vestry so allows.

D. With the exception of the Rector no employee of the church, even if a member of the Parish, shall be a member of the Vestry.

Article V

(Parish Meetings)

A. There shall be an Annual Parish Meeting for the election of new Vestry members and the transaction of other business. The Annual meeting will be held in January. Special Parish meetings may also be called at any time. Ample notice of a Parish meeting shall be given in advance of the meeting date as provided for in the Canons of the Diocese. The Annual Meeting or special meetings shall be called by the Rector, or in the event of his incapacity, by the Senior Warden.

B. All elections to the Vestry at the Annual Meeting shall be by ballot. Every confirmed adult communicant in good standing and known to the Treasurer shall be entitled to vote. At the request of three or more communicants a voting list shall be prepared by the Rector in charge and the Treasurer of the Parish, and none shall be allowed to vote save those whose names are on such a voting list.

C. Any questions of procedure in the meetings or the election not covered by the Bylaws shall be decided by a majority vote of the members present, but should canvass of an election be questioned after the close of the meeting, the decision of the Bishop acting with the advice of the Standing Committee of the Diocese shall be final and binding.

D. The annual budget of the Parish shall be presented at the annual meeting and approved by a majority of those present.

Article VI

(Resignation and Vacancies in the Vestry)

A. Whenever any vacancy occurs in the membership of the Vestry, such vacancy may be filled until the next Annual Meeting by vote of the Vestry, provided that such interim appointee shall be eligible for immediate election by the Parish.

B. A vacancy in the Vestry shall be deemed to have occurred whenever a member of the Vestry severs his connection under the provisions of Paragraph C. following, resigns, dies, moves from the parish, or whenever any vacancy is created in accordance with any law in the state of California or the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of San Joaquin.

C. Any Vestry member who shall have absented himself/herself for three or more meetings in the course of a year, without a prior approved excuse, or has in any way acted in a manner detrimental to the function of the Vestry, shall be considered for termination from office. Such person shall first be counseled by the Rector, and if improvement does not occur, then by action of the Rector and the Vestry the member shall be removed from office.

Article VII

(Meetings of the Vestry)

A. As soon as practicable after the annual Parish meeting, the Vestry shall meet for organization. The Vestry shall fix and hold one stated meeting each month (except up to two months may be omitted by majority consent of the Vestry). Special meetings may be called by the Rector or the Senior Warden or by written request of two other members.

B. From its members the Rector shall appoint the Senior Warden; the Vestry shall elect the Junior Warden. In case there is no Rector, the Senior Warden shall be appointed by the Bishop in consultation with the Vestry.

C. The Rector, if present, shall preside in the meetings of the Vestry. In his absence, the Senior Warden shall preside.

D. No meeting of the Vestry shall be valid unless the Rector, Minister-in- charge or the Senior Warden is present. A quorum is required to enact any official business of the Vestry to include making and approving any motions and expenditures of funds.

Article VIII

(Powers and Duties of the Rector)

A. By virtue of his office, the Rector has exclusive charge of all rites, ceremonies, and ordinances of the Church, and the worship with the ritual accessories thereto, subject and answerable only to the Bishop. He is entitled at all times to have access to the Church, the Church buildings, and to open the same as he may deem proper for public worship, for the celebration of Holy Communion, for Baptisms, marriages, burials and religious instruction, and for all other rites and ceremonies authorized by the Church or by the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese. No other clergyman shall officiate within the Parish without the request or consent of the Rector.

B. To preside at all meetings of the Vestry (subject to provisions of Article VII) and Parish.

C. To serve in such capacities and to perform such duties as are provided by the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of San Joaquin, the historic Anglican Faith and Order, by general usage and custom, or as may be contracted with the Bishop and Parish.

Article IX

(Clerk and Treasurer)

A. The Vestry will elect annually a Clerk and a Treasurer, and they shall serve until their successors are chosen. The Treasurer or the Clerk may be any Parish member in good standing who is qualified to perform the duties of the position and shall have no fixed term of service (unless also as a Vestry member). If the Treasurer or Clerk is not a Vestry member he/she shall have a seat but not vote at Vestry meetings.

B. The duties of the Clerk are: 

  1. To keep and publish complete minutes of the Vestry Meetings, report of the annual Parish meeting, Treasurer's reports and other materials.
  2. To keep and preserve the official papers of the Parish.
  3. Generally to do and perform all duties as pertain to his/her office and as may be required by the Vestry or Rector.

C. The duties of the Treasurer are:

  1. To make such reports as the Canons of the Diocese of San Joaquin or the orders of the Vestry shall require.
  2. To recive all monies belonging to or paid into the Parish and to deposit such funds with the Depositories approved by the Vestry.
  3. To keep the accounts and books of the Parish.
  4. To prepare a budget for the coming year for presntation to the Vestry for approval.
  5. To insure that the books are ready for audit and the audit conducted in accordance with the audit procedures approved by the Diocese.
  6. To brief and/or make available to the Bestry the annual report of audit when it becomes available.
  7. When a treasurer leaves office, accounts under their previous responsibility shall be audited using an approved method.

C. The Treasurer shall give such bond for the faithful discharge of his/her duties as may be required by the Diocesan Council.

Article X


A. No member of this Parish shall have any right, title or interest in or to the assets of this Parish.

B. No memorial shall be accepted for the Parish or placed in or on the property of the church without the prior consent and approval of the Vestry.

Article XI

(Amendment of Bylaws)

A. Bylaws may be adopted, amended or repealed by the Vestry subject to the Rector’s prior approval. No action to change the Bylaws shall be taken by the Rector except at a regular meeting thereof with two-thirds of the Vestry present and consenting to such action.

Article XII

(Supremacy of Diocesan Constitution and Canons)

A. These Bylaws and any amendments thereto are subordinate to the most recent edition of the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of San Joaquin and, in case of a conflict, the latter shall control.