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Rector's Corner October 2016

Category: Rectors Corner
Written by On 10/01/2016

This is it! Our move is on but with one slight change. Due to the busy travel schedule of our bishop, the Confirmation Service will be at our old church building rather than at our new home, so our first service at the new campus will be on October 30 th . What about the Bishop’s visit? That will STILL be on October 23 rd , but instead of Confirmation being at our new home, it will happen at the old building and then we will have our De-Consecration Service afterward. The next week we will have a combined service at our new home, followed by a celebratory potluck. Please use these occasions to invite friends to worship with us and we continue growing our ministry.

Through this transition we need to continue to keep our mission and vision in mind. We are joined together to Worship Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to Spread His Gospel and Love to Everyone. If we cower or content ourselves to merely meet on Sundays at our new home and partake of ministry as it is convenient for us, staying comfortable as consumers, God will not honor our move and we will have no business continuing as a congregation. In order to thrive, we need to embrace our call to draw people to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. We are a beacon of hope to people hurting with empty and wounded lives. Our compassion proves to these precious souls provides the living proof that they are loved by the living God. This is the time to redouble our commitment to Jesus and service to Him through service in the Church.

What does this renewed service look like? It’s not merely a consistent lifestyle of worship, or even attendance at Bible studies. It’s acting on the desire in your heart to love Jesus back who first loved us. That love instills the desire to serve. It also is seen in a broken heart for those who so desperately need Jesus. We are then driven to pray for these friends and we find ourselves open to be part of such prayers answered. We also find strength of spirit to rise above our comfort zone and speak of our faith to these dear friends. Never be embarrassed about Jesus! If you feel insecure speaking of Him, learn more about Him. Tell your story. Think about how you found a relationship with Jesus and how that has blessed you. Speak of that relationship and speak of His blessings. So many people need Him and we have hope to offer them!

This month, as we move forward to our new home, let this event be a renewal of faith and ministry for each of us. Consider the ministries we have and get involved anew. Think of new ministries we might offer and help get them started. Such renewal will be living proof that our church will yet thrive and glorify God for many years to come, no matter where we are.