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Rector's Corner September 2016

Category: Rectors Corner
Written by Fr. Wes On 09/01/2016

School is back in session, summer travels are over and my National Guard schedule is crazy once again.  It must be September!  This month we continue our Bible studies, discipleship class and pastoral care classes, pressing forward in the ministries entrusted to us.  We have planned for this to be our last full month at our old campus.  This will be our chance to do a little bit of sorting and preparation for our move to the campus of Mountain Bible Church in late October.  We might have the chance to get our building back someday but I know not to expect it, though it remains a desire in my prayers.  Meanwhile we move forward in ministry, undaunted by the world.  We have a new place to worship because we have friends in the Body of Christ who have seen us count the cost.  They appreciate our hardship for the sake of the Gospel, that our entire diocese has taken the stand for Jesus as He has revealed Himself in His Word.  We stand un-wavered in service to Him, committed together to draw people to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. 


As we face this transition we continue our teaching and caring ministries in earnest.  We are bound together not by a building but by our common commitment to Jesus Christ.  Serving Him, loving one another and embracing our unique spirituality make for strong bonds.  The world would love for us to simply disperse as a congregation.  It would be so easy.  No more early Sundays, no more sacrifice of time or income, no more bother with meeting new people or helping with Sunday school or other ministries.  The world would rather that we just sleep away as a church but we have a Gospel to proclaim!  Sure, other churches with their praise bands and fine preaching and programs have much to offer.  We, however, offer intimacy with Jesus in the Eucharist.  We offer both classical and modern music, including the ancient chanted Liturgy, for contemplative worship offered nowhere else.  We offer Foyer Groups, Pastoral Visitation training and in-depth Bible study that changes lives forever as people are drawn ever closer to Jesus.  As a small but viable church, we remain free of the intrigues that too often distract folks in need of self-importance.  We remain free to be unpretentious, a safe congregation for those who may have been wounded from other, larger congregations.  This ministry continues to change lives and reach people desperate for the Grace of God.  Our continued commitment will allow this ministry to keep growing, no matter where our worship ends up being.


This month, consider what new ministry the Lord may have in store for you.  It might be in learning, in teaching, in visiting, in helping others or in helping with worship.  Whichever new ministry the Lord may open for you, take advantage of our fall program to get involved.  We have this month to revitalize our ministries before our move and this is the perfect time to give new ministry a chance.  Then we can face our move with more vitality than ever.